Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tone This!

The Blogging Machine—Scivation Owner Marc “The Machine” Lobliner Addresses what he feels is important in life and in the pursuit of anabolism.

Tone This!
By: Marc Lobliner, Scivation President

If you listen to the dialogue with Dorian and me in our YouTube video you will hear him address toning a muscle. In essence, the 6x Mr. Olympia goes on to say that you cannot tone a muscle. You can build it, it can shrink, but you can NOT tone a muscle. I am not one to argue with Dorian about building lean mass.

What the heck is toning anyway? I mean, you can build muscle, you can have muscle loss when you have lack of training or nutrients (food), but if you perform endless reps of twisting bicep curls at a 70 degree angle while making funny faces and listening to “Vogue” by Madonna, will you build the peak on your biceps? Ummm, maybe, but probably not.

I cringe when I see out of shape, obese people in the gym spending their time doing endless hours of cardio, endless reps of crunches, Situps and weird looking side-bends holding a dumbbell in both hands at the same time, thus counterbalancing the movement, thus achieving nothing....woops, I am digressing again. The point I am making is that you will never see a guy with ripped abs and flabby arms. Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the less fat you will have and the more “toned” you will appear. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn and the more Chocolate Cake you can get away with eating.

If you want to tone your muscle, build lean mass, lose fat, and use common sense. How do you build lean mass and lose fat? Lift heavy ass, rusted barbells and follow a proper diet plan. You can even get a diet plan and training program made just for you for free online at And women, trust me, you will NOT turn into a man by lifting heavy! Check out my wife, Katie. She lifts heavy and hard, eats like a champ, and yet still does not have a man’s anatomy.

Katie Deadlifts 225 for 5!

Katie rockin it with ME!

Yes, I am the luckiest man alive.

And an update for those who care, here is a shot of me at 235lbs, on my way to my IFBB Pro Card if I ever compete again. Business and family are too important right now for me to go headfirst into a prep and frankly, I have some more work to do!

Don’t Sleep,
Marc Lobliner

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love, Life and Bodybuilding….and being naked together!

The Blogging Machine—Scivation Owner Marc “The Machine” Lobliner Addresses what he feels is important in life and in the pursuit of anabolism.

Love, Life and Bodybuilding….and being naked together!
By: Marc Lobliner, Scivation President

I have been married for nine years, been with my wife for 14 total years, and in our entire lives, my wife and I have only been with one another (you know what I mean, BEEN with, meaning the “love mambo”; the “angry monkey dance” or my favorite, “The Wild Thang” (thanks Tone Loc). I remember my first date with Katie. We had known of eachother for the first three years of high school (Culver City High School, California), as she was my Little Sister in football, meaning she gave my fat ass candy before games. The first night we went out, I knew we would be together forever, or at least for more than a week. (Hey, I was 16, give me a break!) The issue was, I was 295 pounds and Katie was 165 or more pounds. Here we are!

WOW, huh? We were cute together and sure did love ice cream and In N’ Out Hamburgers. But when I injured my knee playing football, we saw the light. What light is that? The light that only comes from the reflection off of a heavy ass, rusted barbell. We found bodybuilding.

As my wife and I had an “alone” vacation in Las Vegas last week, I realized something. I love her more than ever, we have two amazing children, and we ENJOY life more. We are healthier, we teach our children the values of exercise and eating well, and we also have the energy and positive outlook to be the best parents possible and just today, I played baseball with my kids for the first time. I look at some parents and feel for their kids as they can barely move due to their lack of fitness.

Oh yeah, and my wife is the hottest woman alive (at least to me). And any woman who makes training at Gold’s Vegas part of their vacation is a champ to me.

Bodybuilding and the fitness lifestyle has made our lives amazing. It has enhanced everything that we do. So do yourself a favor and harness the bodybuilding lifestyle and live a better, more fulfilling life.

Don’t Sleep,
Marc Lobliner

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Food Choices and When They Matter—A BRO’S Perspective

The Blogging Machine—Scivation Owner Marc “The Machine” Lobliner Addresses what he feels is important in life and in the pursuit of anabolism.

Food Choices and When They Matter—A BRO’S Perspective
By: Marc Lobliner, Scivation President

I want to elaborate on my thoughts about calories, food sources and other things. Somehow there is a huge debate on whether food choice matters when prepping for a show, bulking, maintaining (more on what the hell “maintaining” is later), and breeding goats. Okay, maybe not the goat part, but I cannot believe the war going on between the IIFYM people (If It Fits Your Macros) and the “Egg Whites and Oats” crowd. Frankly, I am a hybrid on the issue. If you are expecting me to cite studies or quote Einstein’s formulas or even biblical references, this is not the article for you. If you come at me with science and slam me for writing this, I will simply laugh and pretend to have a California education (Culver City High School for the Win!) and speak in tongues. Therefore, here comes the broscience.

When prepping for a show, food choice matters. My Prep Advisor, Jason Theobald ( advised me to switch most of my meals to potatoes from oatmeal about six weeks out. The difference was profound. The reason? Micronutrients. Potassium is abundant in potatoes of all kinds. The limit for potassium pills in 99mg. in one 8oz potato, there are over 400mg of potassium! What it did for water balance was profound and an immediate change took place. Also, you are on limited calories. Thus, I recommend getting them from the healthiest sources possible. Being lean is great, but being lean while sick or dead? Not so great. I refuse to believe that a Hot Pocket® is healthier than Oatmeal and Macadamia Nut Oil. The fiber, healthy, monounsaturated fats…brilliant. Now can you get lean on Hot Pockets? YES! Is it optimal? In my opinion, no. While the main issue is calories in versus calories out, I have seen enough to make up my mind. Case in point, Scivation Athlete Tommy Jeffers.

Tommy was the posterboy for the IIFYM diet group. He looked amazing. Then, I traveled with him precontest as he shoved broccoli in his face all day with Scivation Whey, chicken breast and peanut butter. Per the advice of Doug Miller and our team, he was giving this a try. The result? A slew of overall victories and an ass as shredded as the Shredded Wheat the IIFYM group swears by. His muscle QUALITY was far beyond what he had before with the IIFYM theory with similar leanness. How is this? Heck I don’t know. It just is.

Moreover, there are exceptions so don’t hate on me for thinking I am hating on your peeps, but overall the IIFYM group looks amazing but just lacks what the “egg whites and oatmeal” team brings. Doug Miller, Kurt Weidner, Rob Moran, Brian Whitacre….the quality of their muscles are unreal. They diet HARD, but if the pizza I saw Kurt eat in New York while offseason is an indicator; these freaks aren’t as anal during the offseason. What a segue, huh? Time to rock the offseason….

I was at Gold’s in Las Vegas the after competing and was having issues putting on weight. There was an enormous IFBB Pro there from Europe. HUGE! He noticed my level of conditioning and paid me a compliment. We ended up speaking. I asked his tips for mass gaining (the natural version of the story, so don’t go there). He said, “Get your protein and the rest, just eat and eat.” Although he said it with a much cooler accent than I do, he said it and I took it in. My belief is on the offseason, when trying to gain, as long as you hit your protein and EFA’s, fill in the rest with whatever and hit your calories. I still recommend veggies and fruits to get your vitamins and antioxidants, but if you are hitting those and want to fill in the rest with cake and pie, or Tim Tams for you Aussies and Bangers and Mash for you Brits, then do it! If you start getting too fluffy, cut back. If you gain .5-1lb per week and are staying lean, enjoy life! With that said, I still get most of my calories from chicken, oatmeal, Scivation Whey and Nuts, but if at a wedding or a restaurant, I am getting my grub on and enjoying it.

As for maintaining, what the hell is that!? Muscle either grows or atrophies (shrinks). In my opinion, why go to the gym to maintain? IMPROVE DAILY! Thus I will assume that most people “maintaining” just eat prepackaged kid’s items like Lunchables® and Cheeze Whiz®.

The conclusion? If competing, don’t leave anything to chance. Drop the pie and eat the dry ass chicken. Pack your meals and look like a jackass. Even if it makes a .02% difference, in my opinion, it is worth it. If bulking or maintaining, get your protein and EFA’s and ENJOY! Try to be as “healthy” as possible, but if your wife or mommy makes you some Pecan Pie covered in Whipped Cream and an edible figurine of Carrie Underwood, EAT IT! There is no right or wrong way, but these are my BRO-THOUGHTS. If you have nice things about this to say, please do. If you want to make fun of me or say mean things, please direct all anger toward Scivation VP Rob Moran. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daily Blast--FAT PARENTS and Bad Examples!

The Daily Blast

--Fat, Drunk Parents on Halloween

Marc Lobliner


I have fond memories of Halloween as a child. I got to crossdress and not risk being called a freak, wear makeup and....wait, this is sounding weird. I will stop now. The bottom line is, we dressed up, had fun and once a year, it was okay to eat fattening, cavity-inducing candy and feel good about life.

Then I moved to the South.

I was out with my kids and parents were drinking and smoking while walking around with their kids. Some of these fat, lazy, unfit parents were even too fat and lazy to do that and sat in their car smoking (and yes, DRINKING!) while their kids got candy. I never saw this in California, but I am sure it happens.

Fat, bad example setting parents at Halloween, it is BLAST time for you. Stop drinking and smoking with your kids around and exposing them to deadly alcohol and second hand smoke. Set a good example! Be responsible. And smoke travels, so when I walk by you on a night where you know there are going to be kids all around, put out the damn cigarette, you selfish, ignorant punk!

Sure, candy isn't healthy, but kids can have their candy once a year. Let them have some fun in what has become an American tradition. But parents, love your kids enough to set a good example and don't force other kids to breathe in your smoke.

"Bad example-setting parents lookin' boy."



Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

AGS-10 Training (inspired by the great Dorian Yates)


Meal 1
egg whites
2tbsp peanut butter
50p, 15f, 341 cals

Meal 2
Solution 5
42p, 15f, 303 cals

Meal 3
Solution 5
42p, 15f, 303 cals

Meal 4
Peanut butter
56p, 15f, 359 cals

Meal 5
Solution 5
42p, 15f, 303 cals

Meal 6
Lean beef
Peanut butter
56p, 15f, 359 cals

Meal 7
Scivation whey brownie
2tbsp peanut butter
50p, 15f, 336 cals

Meal 8
Egg whites
2tbsp peanut butter
50p, 15f, 336 cals


10 minute warm up

Leg extensions
4 feel sets
1 set whole stack with drops to failure

Leg press
3 feel sets
1 all out set
9 plates per side to failure with drops...
7 plates
5 plates
3 plates
All to failure

135 x 6
225 x 6
315 x 6
All out
385 x 5

Lunges with 135lbs across gym VOLUME
2 sets of 30

Leg curls
1 all out set with drops

Seated calf raise
1 feel set
1 all out set

Calf extensions VOLUME
10 sets of 10


Friday, October 30, 2009

Natural Bodybuilding is its own WORST ENEMY--Time to put my friends on BLAST!

The Daily Blast
--Natural Bodybuilding is its own WORST ENEMY--Time to put my friends on BLAST!

Marc Lobliner

November 14 is an insignificant day. Other than being exactly a week before yours truly's birthday, it is a nothing day. Not anymore. Now, it is the ultimate representation of how natural bodybuilding would rather have a big ego than gain an audience. It is bad enough that natural bodybuilding is a small niche of a niche industry, IFBB/NPC bodybuilding, which also happens to be a small, dying "sport". But what if we took what is arguably natural bodybuilding's strongest area, the upper east coast of the USA, and forced these loyal natural bodybuilding fans to decide if they want to see the biggest pro shows in the WNBF OR IFPA instead of being able to go to both, since they are within a 5 hour drive of eachother? This would be like holding two Nascar championships on the same day within driving distance. Stupid idea, right? Welcome to Natural Bodybuilding. Time to cut our nose to spite our face!

Sponsorships suffer. It is hard enough finding anyone to give a crap about natural bodybuilding. Having two marquee, franchise shows on the same weekend forces the sponsors to choose between the two or just say, "Heck with it, we will pass on both," or, take the money that would have gone to one show and split it with both. I will point out, however, that Scivation has sponsored BOTH shows generously. We support and appreciate our natural bodybuilding customers more than any other company. Heck, our Director of Sales is WNBF Pro Rob Moran!!

I am good acquaintances and really like Rich from the WNBF and know and like Matt from the IFPA immensely, but my friends, today you get put on BLAST!

Please, for the sake of the fans and competitors, change this crap! This year is too late, but when planning for next year, use your dome, Son!!! Natural Bodybuilding needs to work together to grow and fill seats. We don't need to work together per se, but at least don't work against eachother.

This blast is a PLEA for you two to take off your panties and stop this catfight so we ALL can win--athletes and the organization.

"Fightin' like schoolgirls lookin' boy."